What is your purpose for glam mom boss babe

What is your purpose for glam mom boss babe

Being a woman is a beautiful feeling. Women are the incredible creation of God who has been sent with some great responsibilities and roles to perform. She can be a mom, a housewife, a working woman, or all of them at once. Being a woman is a 24-hour job with absolutely no sick leaves and uncalled off days from being a woman. But would you not embrace the self-soothing feeling of being a woman who can reproduce another living human, handle office work like a pro, and work on home building all through her skills. The list for the awesome regards that women can do is never-ending.

Hustle until you get it!

There are women who are caught up in their homes and not valuing themselves for the patriarchal learning they have been fed with all the while. There is a large population of women who underestimate themselves for doing nothing for their betterment. We have some ultimate boss babes in actions, who are a great role model and an incredible example for us to follow. But regardless of that, some women are still bound in the pound of limiting thoughts they have and do not want to get any better.

What is your idea of being a Glam mom or a boss babe? This is not a very common question in our society because when a woman becomes a mother, she tends to forget about herself and choose to look after her kids only. Do you think this is the right thing to do for every woman? Women are sunshine who can brighten up any day without a fail. A woman forgets about herself, her fidelity, identity, or independence. She lets go every other thing and focuses on just her house. There are a lot of examples of some incredible women out there who are not only an unbelievable role model but also a mother, working woman, a public personality, and a great human being who is giving all the necessary attention towards her children.

Do you know Michelle Obama, Princess Diana, Princess Kate, Benazir Bhutto, and many other personalities? They have some unbelievable skills, education, public appearances, and their children are well mannered, well educated, and on the top of their everything.

Be you, do you!

Womanhood is as good as you celebrate. When you are a mother, especially a mother of a daughter, you need to set an example that she could follow. Daughters are very fragile. We all know it obviously! So, you need to be a mother who could be a friend before being a strict mum who would ask her to be home by 12, or else you will be grounded. Glam’s mom is of no purpose if she forgoes all the rules and regulations and gets involved in herself only, regardless of the fact that her children need her. So, you may find it confusing to find a balance between being a glam mum and to stick to your responsibilities and create a balance between strict parenting and being a friend of your kids.

Also, when you are a boss babe along with the glam mom, the responsibility is doubled. When you are not working and you are just at home, it is already a 24-hour responsibility for you to handle the kids and handle the house properly while being just the top of everything.

When you are working alongside being a mum, the responsibilities are tough. Believe me, it will get on your nerves. And you would want to end this. But remember you are a boss babe who can conquer everything she wants. All she needs is to Step Up Game and work strategically.

We know it can be hard sometimes and you have your moments when you feel like giving up and not continuing anymore. You would want your kids to be away from you for a while so you can relax, chat, and watch in nice Netflix series in silence, without the peeping of the little munchkins from your doors and shouting for food. But let's do it this way. You can put them for sleep and before that feed them. So, you can have a little party when they are asleep.

For the moms who are juggling with the tons of responsibilities, and duties, and want to get their life back on track, and outshine themselves as the boss babes that they used to be, but not with the additional responsibility of being a glam mom, here are a few tips for you. Yes, you! You can do it all, just believe in yourself and enjoy the womanhood and motherhood, rather than stressing on it.

Calm yourself

When you are trying to be super cool and want to have the best time of your life, that is when you will see your little one just created a mischievous. What to do? Calm yourself, put him to play or to bed, put him in a bun, and handle this. This is just a small thing you need to handle and we know you can do it.

Be a role model

Be the kind of person you want your kids to become. Remember, they pick each and everything they see. The better you are, the more they have an impressive personality.

Don’t limit yourself

The more you limit yourself, the more frustrated you will get. Being a mother does not take away your freedom. You are still free to try on the wildest and the craziest thing. Don’t let your young self die inside of you.

See, that was not so difficult. All you need to have is a little patience and the stamina to handle yourself and the cute little trouble you have in the best way possible. The best way is to balance. It is not easy, but we know you can do it. Cheers girl! You are a good mom and an amazing human.

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