Revealed: How To Manifest Your Dream Job And Purpose In Life

Revealed: How To Manifest Your Dream Job And Purpose In Life

Many people become confused when it comes to choosing a career path to follow because they find it difficult in finding clarity and inspiration in choosing a career. They are faced with different paths to choose from, and their interest may become divided as a result of this, since they fancy a couple of these career choices that comes their way without knowing which one to settle for.

Your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious plays an important role in shaping your circumstances and life experiences. The power of manifestation is so great and we all have the ability to create the life we desire and the career that makes us fulfilled. It all lives in us, but many fail to realize this.

For one reason or the other we end up with a job we don’t love, maybe because in the beginning we thought the job was an awesome one and perfect for us, or it could be that there were many obstacles making it difficult to get the job we much desire and feel will make us fulfilled. If this sounds familiar, then read on as I am about to reveal to you how to manifest your purpose in life.

Ending up with the right career for you requires an effective manifestation, and I am here to share with young women out there who want the best for themselves in their careers and becoming the star they are. Every woman is unique, and the steps I am about to reveal to you will help a lot in attracting into your life your greatest desires and guide you in manifesting your purpose in life.

1. Have faith in the universe

A very vital step in manifesting your purpose in life is by trusting the universe. This isn’t easy because you are trusting the unknown, but it is a very vital step for you as you are getting ready to receive abundance from the universe.

What this entails is that you begin changing your mindset and conditioning your mind that the universe will work for you, rather than work against you. Have that believe that the universe is working for your good, and start visualizing things working for you.

This is very important because manifesting your purpose in life requires positivity and by having faith in the universe you have conditioned your mind to become positive, putting other things in place.

2. Determine what you want

Manifesting your purpose takes a lot of energy, and it would be much better and easier if you are precise and know what you want. Your mind should be made up already with a very vivid picture of what you actually want. Becoming fulfilled in your career requires a clear vision, and you should create a mental picture of what makes you happy and how you plan to attain a career in it.

Visualize all the things that brings you happiness and joy now, and list them down. Also visualize how happy you will become in future and list the things that will bring the happiness for you in the future. These little things you listed are vital, and you shouldn’t just stop at listing them, go a step further by describing them in details.

With this list, you are well equipped and will be able to easily visualize all that comes together in making you happy and bringing untold joy ranging from the people in your life now and those you will meet in future, opportunities that are present to you both currently and in the future, and all the experiences that have brought you joy in the past and will make you happy in the future.

When you have a list of these things with more details, intentions and emotions, the power of your visualization will be massively boosted and become stronger.

3. Appreciate the future

Having visualized what you want with a well detailed list, you have opened up yourself to receiving, and you should go a step further to set out time and begin to appreciate your future. Feel grateful for your purpose being fulfilled and for what is to come in the future.

Have a mental picture of yourself already living a fulfilled life in the future, a happy life you desire. As you are visualizing this, feel truly grateful and appreciate all the abundance coming your way.

A grateful heart will receive more as gratitude opens the door and makes way for more success, love and happiness. This habit of gratitude is a very simple but powerful one, so practice it very much, as much as possible, and more doors will be open for you!

4. Be committed

Trusting the universe is a very huge step to manifesting your dream life, and coupled with knowing what you want and becoming grateful, manifesting your purpose in life is sure to come. However, you need to crown all these with action!

Having positioned your mind and placed yourself into a positive mindset in manifesting your purpose in life, you need to take a step further. Manifesting takes a lot more than sitting around awaiting your dream life, you also have to physically move towards it. This you should do by taking action and becoming committed.

Taking concrete steps, combined with trusting the universe, knowing what you want, and being thankful are very powerful steps you need to manifest your best livelihood.


Manifesting your purpose in life is very vital for living a fulfilled life, and these techniques I stated above will help you really well in discovering your purpose in life and attaining your dream career.

It actually requires lots of courage, discipline and hard work on your part, but you can make this a reality if you have a vision that is aligned with positive feelings and happiness, if you step out of your comfort zone and work positively towards it, then your dream becomes a reality and your purpose in life together with your dream job becomes manifested.

Every woman deserves happiness and fulfilment, hence the need to manifest the purpose of your life. If you need someone you can confide in, someone to talk to and help you find clarity and your purpose in life, someone to assist you attain your dream career, then subcribe to my Youtube Channel and Subscribe to my Blog for more exciting topics.

Mahalo and Happy Shopping.

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