Makeup Tips That Are Giving Us Major Island Vibes

We all are always in the desire to up the game when it comes to skincare regime and makeup trends. Long days spend in the hot summer for the endless love of sunshine leads to some adverse effect to our physical appearance. In the humid and tropical weather, there are days you decide to give up on makeup because you know it is not going to melt gracefully.

However, if you have plenty of outdoor activities planned ahead and just want to look the best of you. Here are some of the makeup tips that you should consider. You will surely not get embarrassed by your oily and melted makeup. These makeup ideas can help you in attaining the tropical look that will make you realize that "less is definitely more". *click image for details*

Don't forget to prepare your skin   

Prepping your skin to bear the layers of makeup in the humid weather is crucial. In case, you don't want to skip on wearing the coverage of your foundation, using the primer is important. The usage of primer as the first step of preparing your skin increases the longevity of the makeup. It also minimizes the appearance of the pores on your skin. In case you have oily skin, this step is something you should never skip. So finding a way to ensure that your makeup looks composed throughout your outing is always beneficial, especially in the hot weather. *click image for details*

Keep that shine in control

You know that your foundation is sliding off right after you leave the door to go out. Considering the tropical place, you need to eliminate everything that might melt all the efforts you put in attaining your flawless face. For this purpose, consider using blotting sheets every hour. They usually come with makeup mirror and keeps you fully oil-free. Completely absorb the excess oil and keep your shine in control. Each sheet ensures that you have a refreshed and smooth looking face.  *click image for details*

Add lightweight sunblock to your makeup routine  

Protecting your skin from the sun is important. The sunlight might make your skin look dim and dull. Never forget to put on your sunblock before layering up your face with the makeup. Now, this is the step that most of the women skip out in the routine. The heavy sunblock makes your skin feel cakier. So, go for the sunblock that is light on the skin. Choose the one with a high SPF as you are near the sun. Never go for SPF less than 30 especially when you are near the equator. *click image for details*

Cover-up makeup for tropical weather

When you are near the equator, drinking as much water makes your skin breathable. But, the makeup coverage still won't sustain the humidity. So, having a full face foundation can make you look cakey. So, starting with the clean and moisturized face is crucial. Go for a lightweight and buildable foundation to make your skin look flawless and subtle. Don't forget to keep a compact powder to set your foundation. In this way, you are going to have a breathable skin throughout the day.  *click image for details*

Prefer the sun-kissed glow

Not all of us can bask in the sun especially in the tropical region. If you are one of those people who burn in the sun easily, then getting the desired suntan is not that easy. However, we love how the sun highlights our features and gives a subtle look. Now, here the bronzer can help you. Make sure you apply the bronzer to the areas where the sun would naturally hit up. Use a wider powder brush to cover up the forehead, top of the nose, jawline, and cheekbones. With the right coat of mascara and lip balm, you can achieve the natural sun-kissed glow. *click image for details*

Roll your lashes with the waterproof mascara

In the tropical temperature, you cannot get the perfect eye look without the usage of waterproof mascara. The natural mascaras are going to melt out in the muggy heat. In his humid weather with a sweaty face, you don't want to look horrible with that mascara. So, having a waterproof one makes your look more flawless. *click image for details*

Go for the smudge-proof kohl eye pencil

For the eyeliner, you need something that stays amidst the hot humid long day. For the perfect eyeliner look, choose the smudge-proof kohl eye pencil. Giving you the perfect tropical look, this one gives an appearance like one of that semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo of Thai women. As, we all love the cat eyeliner look, so choosing the right smudge-proof pencil is a must. Otherwise, you don't want your eye to look horrible in the humidity.  *click image for details*

Add that pop of color

Sometimes, all you need is to add bright eyeshadow to your subtle and glamorous look. Keeping your skin flawless and natural, add the pop of color with the bright eyeshadows. The pink, neon, black, and other brighter shades grab all the attention towards your eyes. Perfect to add the appeal to your look on a tropical party. This bold look should be perfectly coordinated with your outfit to add the glamorous appeal. In this case, always choose the hue that contrasts with your eye color.  *click image for details*

The bright bold lip color

A bright bold lip color gives you all the tropical vibes in the hot summery day. This bright addition to your face will make you grab all the attention on your outdoor parties. It can also be your quick fix for the evening look right after your work. In case you are not good with that bright eyeshadow application, this could be your alternative choice. Keep your eyes and skin subtle, adding the bright lip color is the best way to have that classy tropical makeup look. *click image for details*

For the tropical look, make sure you have a nice and cool environment with clean skin. Let the makeup properly blend in your skin. There is no way you can save yourself from the humidity, but, you can still make your makeup have the flawless tropical finish. In case you want to get your hand on any tropical makeup, consider buying it from The Tiki Girl.

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