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There is no doubt in saying that fashion jewelry and women are synonyms to each other. Fashion jewelry is an add-on, over clothes to embellish your personality. The sparking and glittering pieces of jewelry are the first choices of every woman, as they make them look glamorous and sensuous.  *click image for details*

Today the jewelry industry has developed so much that it has become one of the top industries in the world but if you require something unique you are better looking for some of the smaller businesses that are online. These will offer you more unique design as many of them are "one-off" pieces and most of the designs are limited editions. We all want to be unique so why are we looking to the high street to be different? *click image for details*

There are many reasons behind women loving to wear fashion jewelry, firstly it is not much expensive,  and secondly one gets the huge variety to match them with various outfits. Moreover, they also add a variety and fashion to your outfit.

The tradition of wearing fashion jewelry is as old as the hills and the people in years gone by used to wear jewelry made of natural stones, shells, flowers and other natural materials to adorn themselves. Over time, other materials like gold, sterling silver, white gold, and platinum were introduced. The unique styles and original designs of designer jewelry have also evolved and grown through time. Beautiful elegant and sophisticated designs are preferred by older women. Younger women prefer fun and funky fashion jewelry designs.  *click image for details* 

There are fashionable pieces that are made from cheaper materials as they tend not to keep the pieces of fashionable jewelry as long as they move on to newer pieces. Many beautiful stones, diamonds, pearls, beads, and other materials are used to make jewelry articles more attractive and appealing. Natural stones and pendants and semi-precious beads are combined with collections of handmade beads made from glass, wood, and porcelain. *click image for details* 

Trends in jewelry come and go with time, today's trend is not going to stay forever, this is for sure. But still, precious and fashionable jewelry never fades out of fashion, especially the diamond, gold, pearl, platinum, and Kundan. But now, let’s talk about funky and artificial jewelry, this form of jewelry is one of the perfect ways to jazz up your looks and can be worn with different outfits and in different color combinations. So, there are innumerable choices available for women to add style to their outfit. Whether she wants a bracelet or a pair of fashionable jewelry, there are loads of choices in the fashion jewelry world. *click image for details* 

There are several reasons why you should own a box of jewelry today. A lot of people think that fine jewelry can't fit within their budget. Oftentimes these people will spend a lot of time dreaming about this type of jewelry nonetheless. Well, it is time for you to stop dreaming and learn where to shop and what to look for to

make your dreams a reality.   Fine jewelry is not just for the rich, famous, or for celebrities. Once a piece of jewelry is worn or sits in your jewelry box for a year or two, it is "used". Does it matter if it sat in someone else's jewelry box first? Pre-owned jewelry is becoming more popular not only because of the price, but because it is good for the environment, new non-renewable material isn't needed to make new pieces of jewelry when estate jewelry is bought and worn. *click image for details* 

Never underestimate the power that jewelry fashion accessories carry. These are things that you will be able to wear, regardless of any fluctuations in your weight. You also don't need to have the perfect wardrobe to be able to wear any type of jewelry. Your current wardrobe may even become one that you enjoy even more once you are wearing a beautiful necklace and bracelet. The modern man is equally as interested in wearing fashionable handmade jewelry just like women to adorn their body and look fashionable and trendy. Men can be seen wearing watches, rings, bracelets, and other fashion jewelry articles. Designer jewelry is very common among men and they love to collect high-end rings.

Also by wearing fashionable earrings and bracelets, a woman can best flaunt their beauty and femininity. They can be chosen from different shapes and sizes and believe me, they are one of the amazing sources to captivate the attention of onlookers. *click image for details* 

Fashionable earrings  having high-quality stone sparkles beautifully and appear like an added feather on women's beauty. Button earrings for working women and hanging earrings for youngsters are in swing. Button tops are less than an inch across and may have slightly curved edges to help capture the light better. These are also seen in a variety of colors and materials, but the most popular one is a simple gold button.

A Lot of Styles for a Little Money

Since fashion jewelry is so unique, stylish and affordable, you can stock up on a lot of pieces so you have something for every occasion and everyday wear without spending a fortune. You can change your jewelry pieces every day depending on what you wear too, so you'll look stylish every day of the week.

When it comes to jewelry, you need to see what The Tiki Girl. She is an expert when it comes to handpicking fashionable and stylish earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets that are perfect for your desired look. She has been working in the fashion jewelry business all her working life. She drew her inspiration and her love for fashion jewelry because she always loves to look stunning and matched in her jewelry combination and outfits. *click image for details* 

Looking at the jewelry in The Tiki Girl catalog, you will probably come up with more reasons to wear jewelry and feel the difference.  Please subscribe to my blog to enter a chance to win a piece of The Tiki Girl Jewelry.  

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